Paperback Now Available

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The paperback edition of The Joys of Marriage is now available on At the writing of this post the book is being offered at a 10% discount. So if you’re like me and prefer holding a physical copy of a book rather than reading it on an electronic device, then scoot over to Amazon and order yourself a copy. The regular price is $8.99 but you can get it for $8.07 if you buy it right now.

And if you’re local to Windsor, I’d be happy to sign your copy when it arrives. Just give me a shout.

Joys of Marriage: A story about surviving the first year of marriage (with Joy) $8.07 (Regular $8.99)

ISBN: 978-1494933159

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Note: The paperback is not available on Only U.S. ( and the U.K. ( It’s also available to be ordered through your local Christian bookstore.

For Women

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For WomenFor some reason it had not occurred to me that my book, The Joys of Marriage, would be of particular interest to women until I read Beth’s review. Here is what she said:

“This book took me through many emotions as Derek took us through the highs and lows that come with the first year of marriage. It gave me the man’s view of the first year of marriage and all the emotions that come with it. It is a great read for anyone and it makes you feel like you made the journey with them.”

As she explained to me later, women are often in the dark with men’s feelings. Men are notorious for withdrawing themselves when times get tough, especially if money is involved. For their wives this withdrawal can easily be interpreted as if their husbands have no care or concern for their situation. And when men do express an emotion during financial heartaches it’s often anger which can be interpreted by their wives and children as pointing blame.

But I allow you to see in these pages the real weight that men often feel during financial difficulties: the sense of failure and of inadequacy. Men often blame ourselves and, in my case anyways, I came to actually loath myself. I felt like I was not worthy to be married to my wife.

This information can be useful for you as a woman and as a wife. My wife never once laid blame on me. She always supported me and expressed her commitment and love for me no matter what the future held. While I still felt like a failure, I was able to work through those feelings and take the humble and necessary steps toward turning our situation around and our marriage was sustained and strengthened through it all.

I’m not sure things would have turned out so well had my wife been insensitive towards my feelings during our darkest moments.

[To be clear, this post is not talking about abusive situations. In those cases a woman’s first priority is safety for herself and her children. This post is “for women.” A post “for men” is coming soon.]